Why Do Men Date Women Who Are Far Less Attractive Than They Are

Jennifer McDougall
3 min readApr 18, 2022

Every time I see a successful man behind him, I see a far less attractive woman following in his shadow. Why is this?

Why Do Men Date Women Who Are Far Less Successful Than They Are
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Why are men choosing women less educated, less polished, less intelligent, and less attractive than they are?

Many bright, gorgeous, and talented single women may wonder why men choose less attractive women over more striking ones. After all, it’s not uncommon to see a tall, gorgeous guy enter the room with a woman on his arm who is incredibly basic compared to her partner. This is hugely depressing for attractive and despondently lonely women who see this phenomenon and wonder why they bother brushing their hair in the morning when appearances have no bearing on the problem. However, the solution most women are looking for may be far from their original thoughts.

First and foremost, if you want to understand why men prefer less attractive women, you must first understand what men find desirable.

Meanwhile, less beautiful women are often more emotionally and physically available and even more appreciative of the attention. The majority of individuals want to be in relationships that make them feel good about themselves. The male ego has gotten a lot of attention, but the female ego is just as important and needs to be nourished. Both sides begin a relationship for a mutual ego boost in most cases.

As men grow older, they become less enamored with physical perfection and prefer to date less attractive women who make them feel at ease and valued. A mature guy has understood by this time that appearances aren’t necessary. Sure, everyone appreciates a challenge now and again, but not every day of their lives. That plain-looking woman on the arm of a gorgeous attorney might be the most reassuring and encouraging figure in his life. Good guys don't want to change once they’ve found their comfort zone.

There’s also the question of what men find to be beautiful. The criteria of what is deemed attractive outside of Hollywood and larger cities tend to differ. While some women believe that their $300 haircut and expensive makeup add to their vampy attractiveness, some men are put off by the many layers of makeup and perfectly curled hair.

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