7 Reasons You Feel Stuck in Life and What to do About it

Jennifer McDougall
2 min readApr 21, 2022

Have you ever felt stuck in life? Like there’s a gaping black hole where your passions and dreams used to be. Haven’t we all?

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If you’re not feeling inspired and are instead feeling stuck in life, it’s time to make some changes.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve done the same thing repeatedly, that you have no passion or purpose in life.

Feeling stuck can often feel like we’re on autopilot, living a life that doesn’t belong to us.

Sometimes it’s obvious what changes need to be made to get out of a funk and start feeling inspired again. At other times, finding our next step may take some soul-searching.

I’ve been stuck before in life — I’m feeling it now.

That is why I wrote this blog to hopefully help you get out of this rut and start feeling happy again. Here are seven reasons you may feel stuck in your current life experience and what to do about it. So let’s get you excited about life again!

  1. Feeling stuck is fear in disguise.
  2. Your focus and energy are not where they need to be.
  3. You are doing too much of what you don’t want to do and not enough of what you want to do.
  4. You’re feeling uninspired and disconnected from your purpose or passion projects.
  5. You don’t know what you want or desire in life now that you’re grown up… so you go along with the flow of life.
  6. You’re bored and tired because you’re not using your unique gifts and talents to impact the world.
  7. Your relationships aren’t inspiring and meaningful because you don’t know how to create them from a place of self-love, boundaries, and practicing discernment.

Everything can change when we change our perspective, break out of old habits and take small steps towards a better life!

Our beliefs, our actions, and everything in between are all connected. To get unstuck, you first have to recognize the negative thoughts holding you back. Once you do that, start putting yourself out there and making positive changes in your life. After all, it’s time to stop sitting around waiting for “something” to happen; it’s time to take the reigns of your life and make things happen instead.

Jennifer McDougall

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