10 Signs You’re Completely Jaded and What to Do About It

Jaded; The term generally refers to being utterly exhausted, worn out, or bored out of your mind. Have you ever had so much of something that you’re no longer interested in it? That is precisely the emotion referred to as being jaded. And there comes a time in life when you become utterly dissatisfied with nearly everything around you. If it hasn’t already happened to you, it probably will at some point. And if it doesn’t, consider yourself fortunate! However, here are five indicators that you are jaded in life.

5 Signs You’re Completely Jaded and What to Do About It
  1. Nothing excites you anymore, and you’re primarily cynical about ideas, suggestions, or the future.
  2. You have zero enthusiasm about anything.
  3. Staring at the wall or being alone in the silence of your apartment for long hours at a time is quite normal to you these days.
  4. Happy people bother the heck out of you.
  5. You lose your temper about the minor inconveniences.
  6. Talking to yourself frequently has become oddly comforting.
  7. You spend long hours in the bath or your room thinking about random things.
  8. Your first thought in the morning is of dread for what the day may bring, and you are constantly tempted to stay in bed and go back to sleep.
  9. You aren’t motivated to do much of anything because you don’t feel like anything matters. You’re in a state of depression and numbness.
  10. You develop unhealthy coping mechanisms such as using drugs and alcohol.

You may have become this way because you experienced a lot of pain and disappointment after being happy and optimistic for many years beforehand. When a person is jaded, they do not seem phased by much. They are lukewarm about everything, especially when it comes to love or romantic relationships.

The trouble with being jaded is it stands in the way of experiencing true joy and living a fulfilling life. Therefore, you must start to do inner work to help heal the causes of what has brought you to this point if you are feeling jaded. Talking with a therapist is a great place to start or begin reading and practicing methods that can over this hurdle of cynicism and dullness.



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